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When it comes to selecting a tractor, cost isn't really necessary to factor in. Even if you opt in to buy the cheapest model for the size you're into, how long it will last? Choosing a tractor on for your farm might be kind of confusing. There are things that you have to consider what is best to utilize your farm. Most tractors are used and depends on what can it actually bring to your farm. There are many types of tractors to choose from, but what you can do is find the right brand and right series.

Here are some types of tractors that you can use for your farm:

⦁ Sub-compact utility Tractor:

The Sub-compact utility tractor is mainly used for farming. These kind of tractor has a lesser horsepower compared to other and has a small engine. The wheels of a Sub-compact utility tractor are also much thinner and smaller compared to other. You can also take out the parts of tractors and replace it with new ones, you can also have someone modify or fabricate an equipment for these kind of tractors, there are factories and business who do this kind of things, like A&R Engineering whose located on Donnybrook, Western Australia. They offer the best engineering works in town. Apart from agriculture, the Sub-compact utility tractors can also be used for landscaping, gardening, raking and other kind of land or lawn maintenances.

⦁ Utility Tractor:

Utility tractors has a much more horsepower. It ranges between 45Hp to 140Hp. These kind of tractors are mainly used for landscaping and farming and has a multi-purpose functions. The Utility tractor doesn't need any parts to be purchase for it to use, it has different various parts that can be attached that can be used to perform other work and task in the field.

⦁ Specialty Tractors:

Specialty tractors are tractors that are used for some certain purposes. If one crop needs to be specially harvested, then tractors like Specialty tractors are used.

⦁ Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders/tractors are widely used in construction projects. Tho it can also be used for farming like digging, breaking rocks and landscaping. It can also be use to pave way on farm sites like rice fields, etc.

⦁ Large Wheel Loaders tractors

These are the type of tractors that are used to carry off heavy loads like sand, rocks, hays, debris, etc. It also comes up with many nicknames for like bucket loader, front end loader and wheel loader.

Now you know what are the different kind of tractors, make sure to get your in regards to what you will use onto it. Have a happy farming!

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