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Tips on Troubleshooting your Tractor’s Engine

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Troubleshooting tractor engine

It’s a great day to start working on your then suddenly, you try to work with your tractor then it just won’t start or it some parts just malfunctioned. It is such a drag when you got up to that situation. Given that instance, it will totally give you a headache. Just imagine, calling to tow up your tractor to the nearest tractor shop or even calling off for services that will bang your buck. I hate it, I know you do too. So as a farmer/rancher it is a common thing to have in knowledge on how you can troubleshoot your tractor.

It is much like also having a car, you just don’t drive it, you must also know the in and out of its system. It is the best way to really save money especially if you think that the troubleshooting is little bit easy and doable without calling for any help (which do cost a lot even for just a small fix). Plus, it is also an added skill for you.

Bad for us, everything that has machine brakes down, but it doesn’t mean that we should not take care of it at all. What should you have to consider when your tractor suddenly stops working? And what type of troubleshooting you can do by yourself at home with some tools even you don’t have enough skills to do it? Don’t worry (pat’s your back virtually), we got you covered, mate.

First thing first, what you must do is “Determine the Type of Tractor you have”

Know first if your tractor runs with diesel or gasoline. An older type of tractor is diesel powered, while the new ones are powered by gasoline. Gasoline is much cheaper because it can last long rather than diesel. Having said that it is much cheaper, gasoline powered tractors are engines that are complicated and the parts break down much more easily (depends on brand). After you have identified what type of tractor you have, it’s time to note it all down. Make sure to note all the unusual thing that you have noticed or feel on your tractor and note it all down. Even if you don’t know what really is wrong if it’s normal or not, it is valuable to note what the owner feels at it will be a guide to you on what to take a look at next.

  • The engine doesn’t power up

This is one of the hardest things you might encounter, It won’t get anywhere close to starting. All you can hear is just click as you turn the key, but it won’t power up the engine.

The most common cause of this is that the battery is failing. Either the battery is dead or it has full of corrosion as well as the battery cables are simply damaged. You must inspect all of this aspect if you see one of the stated problems and try replacing them or try to recharge or jump start your battery if you can.

  • The engine is powering up but still doesn’t start

This is a situation where you have to find out what your current type of fuel is in your tank, sometimes, we do commit to simple mistakes without knowing. You must determine if your engine is on diesel or gasoline. If you encounter this, you might want to drain down all the gasoline and then let it sit. Go replace it with the corresponding gasoline or diesel and let it sit again before starting it out.

  • The engine is Overheating too much or more often

The engine that overheats most probably has a defect on its engine cooling system. One thing to inspect this is the radiator.

Do not ever try to open the cap of the radiator if it’s hot or if the engine is used. You must let it all cool down first before taking action. It will spill out hot water and have you burn if you’re not cautious because it has pressure.

After it cools down, make sure your radiator has enough coolant. Don’t settle for just water, it was full of minerals that can cause your radiator to corrode and clog up that will create more problem. You might want to use correct antifreeze mixed with distilled water for this matter.

Next is clean your radiator and blow some compressed air over it. If the fans are dirty, it will keep your radiator hot as the fans will not work properly. So always be sure to clear the dirt off your radiator.

Having such skills like this for troubleshooting doesn’t need to have numbers and math knowledge. It is also a basic knowledge for your own good to have your tractor last long. If you wanted to know more about tractors, you can visit A&R Machinery for more information about tractors.

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